• Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What package do you have available and what is the cost?
Please visit our Services  for details of available packages and costs.
How do I pay?

Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit cards or Zelle. Checks are not accepted

How many guest can I bring?

In order to guarantee the safety of our visitors and our team, due to Covid-19, only five visitors will be allowed in Office sessions. If you are having a Home session you are allowed to have the amount of invitees you decide but is mandatory to wear a mask during our performance. To inform yourself properly on our Covid-19 regulations and tips, click here.

Do I need to have a full bladder?

It is not necessary to have a full bladder when you attend your scanning appointment unless you have less than 13 weeks of pregnancy.

How long before I get my images?

All your photos and videos will be available to take away on the day. We do only digital.

What happens at a 3D/5D ultrasound session?

You lie down on a table, lower the trousers slightly and lift up your top exposing your belly. Paper towel is added to ensure your clothes aren't too sticky when you leave. A really warm water-based gel is spread over the abdomen, we will pretend it is very good for the skin, good moisturizing cream. There is a flat screen on the wall for everyone to view.

We take measurements of the baby, tell you how much the baby is weighing (if included in the package), listen to the heart beating and give you a heart rate. If you dislike surprises, we can determine or confirm the gender.

If you would like to keep the gender a surprise, please inform us, so that we don't spoil it for you.

Is 5D ultrasound Scanning safe?

Since its introduction 40 years ago there has been no evidence to suggest that ultrasound scanning presents any risk to the mother and baby.  5D scans use sound waves above the range of normal human hearing, not harmful at all! 5D and HD Live ultrasound will be similar to a conventional scan in terms of exposure.

What is the difference between 2D/3D and 5D ultrasound scan?

A 2D ultrasound is the most commonly used method, which provides a flat, two-dimensional image of your baby.

A 3D ultrasound is a more advanced method as it shows a three-dimensional image of your baby.

Therefore, a 5D ultrasound is a high definition three-dimensional image with the added dimension of time; so you see a live, moving image of your baby.

Who will perform my 3D/5D ultrasound?
A Sonographer with extensive obstetric experience will carry out your 5D scan.
When is the best time to have a 5D ultrasound?

For optimal 5D scan images the best time to arrange a visit is between 25 and 32 weeks. Many mothers obtain more than one 5D ultrasound and have images to enjoy from their second and third trimesters.

Do we scan everyone?

Our 5D ultrasound services are intended for low risk pregnancies. If you have a history of lower abdominal pain or bleeding, you should consult your doctor or nearest emergency facility.

When is the best time to carry out the 5D ultrasound on twins?

Women with twins wishing to attend for a 5D baby scan should visit at around 25 weeks, as twins have less space. Please note with the 5D scanning it is usually not possible to see both babies in the same image area.

What determines the quality of my 5D ultrasound?

The quality of your 3D scan images and 5D scan movie is determined by the baby's position, amount of amniotic fluid around the baby (the more the better) and the amount of tissue (skin, fat and muscle) between the probe and the baby. The most important factor in 5D baby scanning is the baby’s position. If the baby is lying in a difficult position a satisfactory 5D ultrasound scan may be difficult.

Should I still attend my Doctor or Hospital scans?

Yes. Our 5D ultrasound scans should be regarded as additional scans and are not part of your routine antenatal care. It is important that you attend all your hospital appointments.

Can an 3D/5D ultrasound detect everything?

Ultrasound does have its limitations. Remember we do not perform diagnosis ultrasounds.