Ultrasound training. 

$80 per hour

Hands on training will be provided to help you learn OB/ Gyn/Abdomen/small parts/ Vascular/echo scanning skills.

2 hours minimum to schedule. You must book in advance. Only on weekends. 

You have to proof you are an active/ graduated ultrasound student.

Foreign physicians Courses. 

Foreign physicians  Courses. 

We guide you during the process and we provide all the stools  for you to become a certified sonographer in USA without spending time or  getting into student loans. You must have all certificates from your medical school and an specialty related with sonography. 

We offer:

-Physics tutoring 

-OB/Gyn tutoring 

-Abdomen/small parts tutoring 

-vascular tutoring 

-Echo tutoring

Prices will vary depending on specialties and time required. Call us for more info.  (786) 332 1585