Don't miss out on your 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound Sessions!

3D, 4D, and HD ultrasound is a cutting-edge prenatal imaging technique that gives real-time, three-dimensional images of the baby in the mother's belly. Unlike regular two-dimensional ultrasounds, 5D Ultrasound provides a more detailed and realistic view of the baby's features as they grow. Here are the important details:

  • 3D Ultrasound: This static (non-motion) image captures a photograph of the fetus and displays the image in three dimensions (with volume). It is useful for viewing anatomical details and provides a more realistic view of the baby2.
  • 4D ultrasound: 4D ultrasound provides real-time images with motion. Parents can see gestures, smiles and movements of the baby. In addition to its diagnostic value, it is an exciting experience for the family2.
  • 5D ultrasound: The latest innovation, 5D ultrasound, combines three-dimensional images with a light source that enhances depth perception. This reveals hidden details and provides an even more realistic image of the live baby3.
  • Full HD ultrasound: This technology integrates the volume of the fetus with a light source, enhancing depth perception and revealing anatomical details. It allows you to see the baby live in exceptional quality4.

In short, these ultrasounds not only provide crucial medical information, but also exciting moments for parents-to-be. Get ready for a unique experience of seeing your baby in 5D!

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